Marine Biodiversity: Khanom-South Sea, Thailand

Published in December 2009. The study in the three-year (2006-2008) initiative project has shown that Khanom-South Sea Islands (Mu Koh Thale Tai) is rich in marine biodiversity and supports a variety of colorful fauna with a total of 719 species of marine life. The 160-page Thai-English coffee table book features almost 100 photographs of colorful fauna and flora in this area. It unveils the immerse diversity of marine life, from algae, corals and sponges to fishes and dolphins along with their various habitats - seagrass beds, rocky shores, swamp forests to mangroves. The book is priced at 1,200 Baht for domestic shipping or USD 60 for overseas shipping. To place an order, please contact the Biodiversity Research and Training Program (BRT) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax: (66-2) 6448106.