BIOTEC hosted the 16th CODATA-DSAO Task Group Conference, 12-13 January 2006, Thailand


BIOTEC/NSTDA hosted the 16th CODATA-DSAO Task Group Conference on 12-13 January 2006 at Miracle Grand Convention Hotel. The two-day Conference addressed the topics of natural disasters, biodiversity and the construction of the Asian-Oceanic avian influenza comprehensive information system. The participants to the conference included representatives from China, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, and Thailand.        

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CODATA-DSAO is the Task Force Group on Data Sources in Asian-Oceanic Countries. The Task group encourages and facilitates regional knowledge sharing and co-operating in many areas of scientific and technical data. Areas of particular emphasis are the promotion and enhancement of development of reliable data bases by precept and example. The Task Group organizes meetings on management, standardization and quality control of the data.  For detail on the CODATA-DSAO, please refer to: