Technology Transfer MOU between BIOTEC and the Department of Mental Health on Subtelomeric FISH

On 14 September 2006, BIOTEC entered in a Technology Transfer MOU with the Department of Mental Health (DMH), Ministry of Public Health (MOPH). The Technology Transfer MOU pertains to the Project on The Development of Human Multicolor Subtelomeric which was completed by Dr. Veerayuth Prapunpoj, Researcher at the Department of Mental Health.  


TECH_VPIn 2003, BIOTEC provided a research grant of Baht 2.7M for the three-year Project. The objective of the Project was to conduct research on detection of gene/chromosome mutation which could result in mental retardation of new born babies. The research involved doing 200 trials on volunteer patients. With this Technology Transfer MOU, the Department of Mental Health can now use the technology to provide clinical trial services to interested clients at a lower cost.