The 18th Annual Meeting of Thailand Society for Biotechnology (TSB)

The Thai Society for Biotechnology (TSB), formerly known as Biotechnology Club formed in 1988, was established by a group of people who had interests in biotechnology. The original purpose for the establishment was to hold meetings on biotechnology for professors, researchers and personnel from both government and private sectors, and for others who had interest in this area. The first annual meeting on biotechnology was organized in 1989 and the Thai Society for Biotechnology (TSB) was established in 1991. The goal of TSB is to achieve cooperative and collaborative links among researchers and other interested people from all institutions or agencies, both domestic and international. Through such cooperation and collaboration, the rapid development of biotechnology research and its applications in Thailand, will be achieved and provide benefits to the country. 

The 18th Annual Meeting of Thailand Society for Biotechnology (TSB) got to a successful start from 2-3 November at the Montien Riverside Hotel. A total of 450 registered participants (14 countries / 40 overseas) are attending this meeting. The theme of this year meeting is Biotechnology: Benefits and Bioethics. Coincide with the scientific meeting is the trade exhibition session of 37 exhibitors and 184 scientific posters. Several BIOTEC researchers are also scheduled to give scientific presentation at this event. 


Dr. Chuenchit Boonchird, TSB Meeting Chairperson gave the 18th Annual Meeting Report.  

18TSB_opening2 18TSB_opening

Prof. Yongyuth Yuthavong (Minister of Science and Technology) gave the Opening Remarks and also gave a Keynote Lecture on “Biotechnology & Bioethics”. & the presentation on “Interregional Collaboration in HRD in Southeast Asia”. by Prof. Morakot Tanticharoen (Director of the National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC)).  

18TSB_speaker1 18TSB_speaker 18TSB_speaker2

 Researchers and Presentations (left to right):

  • Khun Somphop Boonpayung gave a presentation on “Thermostability Improvement of Fungal Pentosanase”.
  • Dr. Timothy W. Flegel  gave a lecture on “A Strategic Plan for Advancing Research Capability (SPARC) in Thailand”. He presented a model in which NSTDA and SPARC can use to assist in the “leap frog” advancement of Thailand’s growth. 
  • Dr. Vethachai Plengvidhya inspired scientific colleagues by presenting a session on “Comparative Genomics of the Lactic Acids Bacteria: Example of Bacteria Adaptation to Specialized Environment”.   
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