Stem Cell Technologies Forum

Regenerative Medicine is not new but an upcoming technology in Thailand. Various research agencies and medical centers are currently doing research on stem cell application. As BIOTEC is the center of expertise for biotechnology research activities, it is important that BIOTEC gives considerable attention to the advancement and benefit of stem cell research to the Thai medical sector. For this reason, BIOTEC with collaboration from the Wisconsin Alumni Association Thailand and the Wisconsin Alumni Thailand Foundation recently organized a technical forum on “Emerging Technology on Stem Cell” on 21 February 2007. The forum included lectures and discussion from Thai and experts from the University of Wisconsin.


Prof. Dr. Ahnond Bunyaratvej, Secretary-General of the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) was the first speaker to speak on “National Strategy of Stem Cell: Concept, Plan, and Action for International Linkage”.

Prof. Clive Svendsen, University of Wisconsin. USA followed with a presentation on “Human Neural Stem Cells and Growth Factors: From Basic Biology to Brain Repair”. Prof. Svendsen is considered one of the leading researchers on Stem Cell application by his peers.

Also speaking at this session were:

  1. Dr. Soshana P. Svendsen (Promega Biosciences Inc.) on “Using Human Neural Stem Cells to Model and Treat Parkinson’s Disease”.
  2. Prof. Surapol Issaragrisil (Mahidol University) on “Overview of Stem Cell Research in Thailand”
  3. Dr. Suradej Honging (Mahidol University) on “Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Multipotent Adult Progenitor Cells in Clinical Applications”
  4. Dr. Nipan Issarasena (Chulalongkorn University) on “Stem cell Therapy for Neurologic Disorders”
  5. Dr. Wilairat Leeanansaksiri (Suranaree University) on “Regulation of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Fate”.