BIOTEC Research Forum: Entomogenous Fungi and Its Application in Anhui Agricultural University (AHAU)


Dr.LiResearch forum on "Entomogenous Fungi and Its Application in Anhui Agricultural University (AHAU)" was held on 30 January 2007, with Dr. Li Chunru as an invited speaker. Dr. Li's presentation focused on the primary discovery of entomogenous fungi in AHAU which covers a wide range of activities from classification, to DNA sequences to compound study. He also gave an overview of entomogenous fungi research in China aiming to utilize these fungi in agriculture as pest control agent as well as pharmaceuticals as health food or medicine.

Dr. Li's visit is part of a research collaboration with BIOTEC research team. The joint research entitled "Comparison of Local Florae of Entomopathogenic Fungi in Thailand and China and Culturing Techniques to Improve Bioactive Compound Production" started in June 2005 under a Thai-Sino S&T Collaboration Framework sponsored by Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency (TICA) and Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. Dr. Li leads a team of four faculty members visiting BIOTEC to discuss the progress of the joint research. He will be staying with BIOTEC for another 3 weeks to assist our team with culturing techniques.

Further information on BIOTEC's research in this topic can be found on the websites of Fermentation Lab and Mycology Lab.