Shiseido Research Forum: The Cutting-edge Biological Research on Cosmetics



On 8 February 2007, BIOTEC and Shiseido co-hosted the Shiseido Research Forum on “The Cutting-edge of Biological Research on Cosmetics”. The Forum aimed to showcase Shiseido’s biological research capabilities and promote collaboration with BIOTEC which dated back since December 2005.

Leading the research team from Shiseido was Dr. Yoshimaru Kumano, Corporate Executive Officer responsible for Global R&D and Chairman of Shiseido China Research Center. The Forum consisted of three lectures:

  1. “Identification of Regulatory Molecule in Keratinocyte Denucleation and its Relevance to Barrier Disruption” by Dr. Chika Katagiri
  2. “How Can we Improve the Appearance of Conspicuous Facial Pores?” by Dr. Toshii Iida
  3. “Fusion of Brain and Skin: New skin care products and beauty method based on the physiological mechanism involving odorant effect and skin sensory effect” by Dr. Nobuko Akutsu
shisedoGroup shesedo1

Shiseido researcher team (from left to right) Dr. Nobuko Akutsu, Dr. Toshii Iida, Dr. Yoshimaru Kumano and Dr. Chika Katagiri

Mr. Tatsuo Sudo, managing Director, Shiseido Thailand, is seen here giving the Opening Remarks.


Dr. Shigeyuki Ogawa, Manager of Shiseido Southeast Asian Research Center

BIOTEC and Shiseido are currently investigating two research projects on skin bacteria and natural extracts for cosmetic compound. Shiseido Southeast Asian Research Center was established in late 2006, in an incubator unit of BIOTEC Building at Thailand Science Park.