Anuttara Nathalang wins UNESCO Man and Biosphere Young Scientists Awards 2007

AnuttaraAnuttara Nathalang, Researcher in BIOTEC Ecology Lab, is among 10 international scientists selected to win UNESCO MAB Young Scientists Awards 2007. Her project titled “Monitoring plant-animal interaction for climate change”, to be conducted at the Mo Singto long term research plot, is expected to demonstrate how to monitor the loss of species in the ecosystem and how the climate change can affect the forest dynamics. Besides, this result can be compared with other areas in Thailand or anywhere in the world for confirmation of this situation.

The Mo Singto long term research plot at Khao Yai National Park, Thailand, was established for long term monitoring biodiversity. This plot can provide the biodiversity inventory. This proposed project will focus on monitoring plant-animal interaction for climate change. To test whether the climate can affect the forest dynamics, all plants on the Mo Singto plot will be studied by dbh (diameter at breast height) classification for study of recruitment and regeneration as well as comparison of species distribution. Also animals, whose habitat related to the elevation, will be monitored, e.g. birds on the Mo Singto plot.

Anuttara also involves in the following two projects: “Monitoring biodiversity plots for study of forest regeneration” and “The role of gibbons in forest regeneration on the Mo Singto long term research plot, Khao Yai National Park”. Please visit BIOTEC Ecology Lab's website for more information.



About Man and Biosphere (MAB) Young Scientists Awards

The MAB Young Scientists Awards encourages young scientists to conduct interterdisciplinary research on ecosystems, natural resources and biodiversity, in line with the MAB Programme's focus on sustainable people and biosphere interactions. Awards for young researchers who want to carry-out interdisciplinary research in line with the MAB Programme. Priority is given to interdisciplinary projects carried-out in biosphere reserves on the theme of ecosystems and water.