CD4 Select: Innovative Method for CD4+ Lymphocytes Enumeration

CD4_sampleBIOTEC recently held a news conference on “Innovative Method for CD4+ Lymphocytes Enumeration” to introduce a new product “CD4 Select”, a reagent for CD4 positive lymphocytes. The reagent was developed by Dr. Watchara Kasinrerk and his team from the Faculty of Associated Medical Science at Chiang Mai University, with research grant provided by BIOTEC.

Enumeration of CD4+ lymphocytes is necessary for assessing HIV stage, prognosis, monitoring progression to AIDS and controlling the anti-retroviral therapy. The current standard test requires a flow cytometer and a special reagent. This limits its availability to major hospitals, while patients cannot easily access it and face high costs from sending blood samples. With this new reagent, the only instrument needed to perform the assay is a hemato-analyzer, a common device found in general hospitals.

This new technology has successfully been licensed to i+MED Laboratories Co., Ltd. ( for commercial purpose. BIOTEC has already obtained a patent for this technology in Thailand and is applying for patents in the United States and other countries.

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