BIOTEC Science in Rural School Program

BIOTEC established the Science in Rural School (SiRs) Program which aims to encourage the learning and understanding in science and technology among children, especially those in the remote areas. SiRs is part of BIOTEC Outreach Program in which BIOTEC works closely with local communities to do technology transfer, demonstration and assimilation. BIOTEC researchers and university faculties are actively involved in the Outreach Program.


On 8-10 June 2007, SiRs organized a biotechnology laboratory live demonstration class for three high schools in the district of Kusumal, Sakon Nakhon province. In the program, students were introduced to the fundamental and miracle of DNA. Highlights were the DNA demonstration class activities such as DNA extraction, plasmid extraction and discussion on plasmid and its relationship to genetic engineering.

The next provinces that SiRs will visit in June 2007 with Waste Management topic activity are Mae Hong Son (26 - 27 June) and Phang Nga (27 - 28 June).

Program activities by BIOTEC researchers

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