BIOTEC transfers technology to produce reagent for detecting rabies

Conjugate_1On 6 September 2007, BIOTEC signed MOU with the Thai Red Cross (TRC) Society to transfer the technology to produce anti-rabies fluorescein polyclonal conjugate, a reagent for detecting rabies virus. This is the result of BIOTEC research grant to the Thai Red Cross, conducted during 2004-2006. Verified by five rabies diagnostic centers, this TRC-conjugate solution was determined to be as good as the commercial reagents and is applicable for routine rabies diagnosis. While the imported solution costs 16,000 Baht/bottle, this TRC-conjugate costs only 5,000 Baht/bottle.


Prof. Morakot Tanticharoen, BIOTEC Director (fourth from right), and Prof. Visith Sitprija, Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute Director (third from left) are representatives on MOU singing ceremony.