ENZhance: Cell Permeabilizing Reagent for Enzyme Screening

ENZhance cell permeabilizing reagent, developed by BIOTEC Enzyme Technology Laboratory, is a new product which can be used to improve the efficiency and sensitivity of enzyme activity assay. The optimized protocol allows efficient detection of a wide range of target enzymes, which can be easily developed into high-throughput screening. The reagent is optimally formulated to increase the permeability of cell membrane, resulting in rapid enzyme release from the microbes and thus enhancing detection efficiency. The optimized formula is gentle for maintaining enzyme activity and cell viability, allowing subsequent isolation of the microbial cells for further analysis. The reagent can be used for enzyme screening in most bacteria, including Gram-negative bacteria, Gram-positive bacteria, and Actinomycetes. Please click here to view additional information.


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Posted on 14 November 2007.