Science Camp: Sugarcane Day at the Sugarcane Research Station in Kanchanaburi

On 1 December 2007, the Sugarcane Research Station in Kanchanaburi Province hosted a Sugarcane Day for primary school students and teachers in the area. The activity was jointly organized by the Sugarcane Research Station and BIOTEC’s Science in Rural Schools program (SiRs), with an objective to promote students’ interest in science using sugarcane as the teaching tool. Subjects such as plant morphology, food chain and DNA extraction were introduced through fun experiments and games.



Dr. Prasert Chatwachirawong, Head of Sugarcane Research Station, introduced the Facility to students.
sugar_food_chain sugar_DNA_Extraction
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About Sugarcane Research Station

The Sugarcane Research Station, located in Chalae Sub-district of Kanchanaburi Province, was established by Kasetsart University in 2000. The Station currently houses over 1,500 accessions, comprising over 1,000 exotic and commercial clones and 500 accessions of wild cane and related genera, contributed by Department of Agriculture, Office of the Cane and Sugar Board, and Kasertsart University. The Station obtains research fund from BIOTEC to characterize sugarcane germplasm based on microsatellite markers, morphology, agronomic triats, reaction to certain diseases, and pedigrees. Another important project supported by BIOTEC is to develop germplasm and variety databases and employ GIS and remote sensing technologies to locate experimental plots and farmer field trials.



Posted on 19 December 2007.