BIOTEC hosts 2008 Annual Research Meeting of the Generation Challenge Programme (GCP)

BIOTEC, in collaboration with the Generation Challenge Programme (GCP), hosted GCP’s 2008 Annual Research Meeting (2008 GCP ARM) at Rama Gardens Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand during 16 – 20 September 2008. The 2008 ARM was an excellent forum for scientists in GCP projects to meet with their project teams and other GCP scientists, share their research results and jointly plan for the upcoming year. The meeting was attended by approximately 180 scientists, including 20 Thai scientists, from various research and academic institutes and private foundations around the world to discuss and plan GCP activities.  


On 18 September, half-day field trips were arranged to visit four research sites around Bangkok neighborhood: BIOTEC headquarter at Thailand Science Park; Nakhon Sawan Field Crop Research Centre; Kasetsart University Kampaengsaen Campus and Pacific Seeds (Thai) Ltd. 

Established in 2003 as one of four Challenge Programmes by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), GCP is a broad and true network of partners from advanced research institutes and national agricultural research programmes collectively working to improve crop productivity in drought-prone environments. GCP partners draw on plant diversity and new technologies to improve crops with desired traits, focusing on drought tolerance. Through this wide range of partners, GCP links basic science with applied research and helps to weave an effective and interactive community of crop researchers at both global and regional level. BIOTEC was accepted to join the GCP membership in December 2005. BIOTEC currently has two commissioned projects with GCP, one is the Community of Practices and the other is the study of downy mildew resistance in maize.  



Posted on 23 September 2008.