Atlas of Invertebrate-Pathogenic Fungi of Thailand (Volume 1)


Atlas1The first volume of Atlas of Invertebrate-Pathogenic Fungi of Thailand, written by BIOTEC research team, is part of a continuing series which will illustrate ca. 30 taxa a year of invertebrate-pathogenic fungi of Thailand. It is not an authoritative taxonomic treatment of these fungi. However, the information of each taxon is brought together to give the interested reader some insight into the diversity and distribution of these fungi in Thailand. 

Before 1989 less than ten insect fungi were reported from Thailand and most of these were species that could be commonly found around the world as pathogens of insects in agricultural ecosystems. The first reliably recorded species of insect fungus from Thailand was reported in 1932. It was a further sixty years before a systematic survey of the insect fungi of Thailand was started. Cordyceps Khaoyaiensis and Cordyceps pseudomilitaris became the first new species of insect fungi described from Thailand. After more than fifteen years of forest survey and collecting, there are now about 400 species reported from natural forest in Thailand – more than any other countries in the world. The majority of species are members of the families Clavicipitaceae, Cordycipitaceae and Ophiocordycipitaceae (Order Hypocreales). 

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Posted on 13 October 2008.