BIOTEC launches a project to search for oil-degrading bacteria to develop into commercial bioremediation products


BIOTEC researchers, Dr. Somkiet Techkarnjanaruk and Dr. Vasimon Ruanglek, will start a research project to search for oil-degrading bacteria to develop into commercial bioremediation products. The project, an example of public-private sector partnership, will be funded by NSTDA and Hi-Grimm Environmental and Research Co., Ltd.

In this project, Somkiet and Vasimon aim to develop a bacterial-based product that will degrade petroleum pollutants from soil and aquatic environments. The project will be carried out within a period of 2 years commencing on November 2008.

The initial phase of the project will involve the isolation and characterization of local bacteria capable of effectively degrading and cleaning up oil substance and compare the result with imported product. Hi-Grimm research team will perform field trial on selected bacterial strains.

Because the microbes are isolated from local environment, the team expects that the product will be more environmental friendly and work more effectively in restoring the contaminated sites than imported ones. This product will target customers in petroleum, automotive and food sectors.


MOU signing ceremony between NSTDA - Hi-Grimm to support BIOTEC’s research project held on 27 October 2008
About Hi-Grimm
HI-GRIMM was established in 1992 under the registered name of HI-GRIMM International Co., Ltd. The company has maintained its constants rapid growth over 15 years by providing full support of environmental solutions to varieties of industries in domestic and overseas markets. Since 2006 HI-GRIMM has joined with Faculty of Environment and Resource, Mahidol University to make several researches in order to develop the most appropriate and effective technology for various environment impacts.

Recently, Hi-Grimm International Co., Ltd. has been supported by National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) and collaborated with National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC) at Thailand Science Park.

The company goals are a high environmental competent company in this region, to encourage the environmental quality. HI-GRIMM, therefore, is known as one of the leading environmental consulting companies in Thailand. For more information, please visit its website.


Posted on 29 October 2008.