Course on Risk Assessment and Its Tools

BIOTEC, in collaboration with the National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards (ACFS), hosted an “Intermediate Course on Risk Assessment and Its Tools” on 7-10 April 2009. The Course aims to educate and update Thai food industries and relevant agencies on the principles of risk assessment and management in order to remain competitiveness in the global market. The course coverage included fundamental concepts of food safety and risk assessment (microbial and chemical risk assessment) as well as resources and tools available for risk assessors and managers. In addition, case studies and hands-on practices were provided to help participants understand how to analyze data and interpret results using tools such as ComBase and simulation software e.g. Analytica and @Risk or Crytal Ball. Instructors included Dr. Mark L. Tamplin (Director of Food Safety Centre, University of Tasmania), Dr. Thomas Ross (School of Agricultural Science, University of Tasmania), Dr. Robert A. Samson (CBS Fungal Biodiversity Centre), Mr. Pisan Pongsapitch and Ms. Nalinthip Peanee (ACFS).

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Posted on 22 April 2009.