New Plant microRNAs Database Launched

This month, the Information Systems Laboratory (ISL) has launched the MicroPC (µPC), a new database and prediction tools for plant microRNAs that enables users with the inclusive comparing and predicting plant miRNAs and miRNA targets across plant species and classification. The µPC database consists of 4,006 potential miRNA candidates in 128 families of 125 plant species and 2,995 proteins (4,953 EST sequences) potentially targeted by 78 families of the miRNA candidates. The comprehensive content was resulted from a large-scale computational identification of previously reported miRNAs from miRBase against Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) from PlantGDB. Users may explore and utilize the µPC via three main utilities: (1) the comparative utility enables users to compare stored mature or precursor miRNAs and user-supplied sequences among plant species, (2) the search utility allows users to access the predicted miRNAs and their targets in details, and (3) the prediction utility provides interactive steps for determining a miRNA or miRNA targets from an input nucleotide sequence and links the prediction results to their homologs in the µPC. The full paper describing the µPC has been accepted (in press) by BMC Genomics. The µPC is freely available at



Posted on 6 August 2009.