New publications: BIOTEC Annual Report 2009 and Research Profile

BIOTEC Annual Report 2009
BIOTEC Annual Report 2009 was published in May 2010. The report displays the Center’s performance according to the 2009 financial year, from 1 October 2008 to 30 September 2009. Please follow this link to download BIOTEC Annual Report 2009.







Bioresources Technology Unit Research Profile
This book features a comprehensive overview of Bioresources Technology Unit with at least 10 years of research experience in biodiversity utilization at BIOTEC. Developed specifically for a broad audience with the main interests to collect, identify, preserve and systematically utilize Thai-indigenous microorganisms, this book includes six chapters, compiling considerable informative details on the following research programs: management system program, discovery program, microorganism program, information systems program and publication from 2004 to September 2009. Please click here to download the PDF format of this book.




Posted on 26 May 2010.