Enzyme detection strip

enzymestrip_ENZstrips, being developed by BIOTEC Enzyme Technology Laboratory, is the test strips containing in-gel crosslink substrate for detecting cellulases, hemicellulases, beta-glucanases, and amylases enzyme activity for industrial and academic research use.  

To detect enzyme activities in the sample, the test strip which is made of plastic polymer is dipped in the sample solution or extract. Enzyme in the sample will specifically attack its chromogenic substrates immobilized in the gel attached on the strip. Reactions can be incubated under a wide range of conditions and would take from a few minutes to hours depending on enzyme activity level in samples. Once color is observed, it means that enzyme activity has taken place.  

ENZstrips is easy to use with fast and accurate data. It is a low cost detection tool, minimizing operation and quality control (QC) cost. The sample production of ENZstrips will be produced for field testing within two months. The sample patch will be distributed to approximately 20-50 industrial and academic users and should be ready for commercialization in early 2011. 


Post on 27 May 2010.