Complete chloroplast genome sequence of mungbean

Mungbean, Vigna radiate, is an economically important crop grown principally for its protein-rich dry seeds. Mungbean is widely used as an ingredient in the Asian cuisine, in the form of seeds or bean sprout. The extracted starch is used to make transparent cellophane noodles.

Despite its economic importance, genomic research of mungbean has lagged behind other species in the Fabaceae family. Dr. Sithichoke Tangphatsornruang and his colleagues at Genome Institute thus attempted to decode the DNA sequence of this plant using the 454 pyrosequencing technology. The complete chloroplast (cp) genome sequence, 151 271 bp in length, was reported in DNA Research. Please click here to access the full article.

genome Mungbean_group


Posted on 9 August 2010.