Launching of “KEEEN”, a bioremediation agent, developed by BIOTEC and Hi-Grimm research team

On 12 October 2010, Hi-Grimm Environmental and Research Co., Ltd announced the launch of “KEEEN”, a bioremediation agent. KEEEN is an environmental friendly bioremediation agent product, using microorganisms to eliminate hydrocarbons, fat, oil, grease and organic substances from contaminated areas. The product is a result of two-year collaborative research project, starting in November 2008, between BIOTEC and Hi-Grimm on selecting oil-degrading bacteria for the commercial bioremediation products. Leading BIOTEC research team on this project was Dr. Somkiet Techkarnjanaruk.

KEEEN will offer a variety of products targeting at various industries such as petrochemical industry, automobile industry, food industry, hotels and hospitals. They can be applied to various types of services such as wastewater and sanitary treatment, oil spill response and cleanup, site contaminated and remediation service and oil storage tank degassing and cleaning.


At the press release with Mr. Watson Ariyaphuttarat (center), Founder & Industry Pioneer, Chief Industrial Ecologist of Hi-Grimm, Dr. Suvit Tia (3rd from right), Deputy Executive Director of BIOTEC and Dr. Somkiet Techkarnjanaruk (2nd from right), Researcher of The Excellent Center of Waste Utilization and Management, BIOTEC

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Posted on 12 October 2010.