The 2011 Meeting of BIOTEC International Advisory Board

The 2011 Meeting of BIOTEC International Advisory Board was held from 28 to 29 January 2011 at the Sirindhorn Science Home, Thailand Science Park. The meeting brought together 8 regional and international leading experts from a broad mix of scientific expertise, including Prof. Ken-ichi Arai (JAPAN), Dr. Jill Conley (USA), Dr. Ming-Chu Hsu (TAIWAN), Prof. Lene Lange (DENMARK), Prof. Douglas Hilton (AUSTRALIA), Prof. Sangkot Marzuki, (INDONESIA), Dr. Martin Keller (USA) and Dr. Jean-Marcel Ribaut (MEXICO).

This year, the Board reviewed and made recommendation on four major research programs at BIOTEC namely Bioresources Research Program, Food and Feed Research Program, Agricultural Biotechnology Program and Medical Molecular Biology Research Program. The Board encouraged BIOTEC to formulate a delivery plan for research applications and implement mechanisms to integrate researchers in platform technologies into each research discipline.
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Posted on 31 January 2011.