National Science and Technology Fair 2011



On 6 - 21 August 2011, Ministry of Science and Technology hosted the National Science and Technology Fair 2011 at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) held every year in August in correspondence with the “National Science Day” on 18 August, the S&T Fair is organized with an aim to stimulate interest in science and technology and promote knowledge, understanding and dissemination of research and development advances in science and technology for youth and the general public.

In the Fair, BIOTEC’s exhibition was organized under the theme "Amazing Microbes" offering a close look into the microbial world through the images in a microscope and enlarged models of microorganisms. Among the topics presented in the exhibition were: the discovery of the first bacteria; varieties of microbial applications such as ethanol production and insulin production; as well as the collection and preservation of microorganisms to study their applications.

Posted on 1 September 2011