microPIR: An Integrated Database of MicroRNA Target Sites within Human Promoter Sequences


microPIR(microRNA-Promoter Interaction Resource) is a database hosting predicted microRNA target sites located within human promoter sequences and their associated genomic features. The microPIR database integrates various annotated genomic sequence databases, e.g. repetitive elements, transcription factor binding sites, CpG islands, and SNPs, offering users the facility to extensively explore relationships among target sites and other genomic features. Furthermore, functional information of target genes including gene ontologies, KEGG pathways, and OMIM associations are provided. The built-in genome browser of microPIR provides a comprehensive view of multidimensional genomic data. A local primer designing tool is also incorporated into microPIR to assist experimental design of microRNA target validation.

microPIR database is a useful integrated resource of microRNA-promoter target interactions for experimental microRNA researchers and computational biologists to study the microRNA regulation through gene promoter.

This work was developed by BIOTEC research team from Biostatistics and Informatics Laboratory of Genome Institute and recently published in PLoS ONE. Unrestricted access to microPIR is available at: http://www4a.biotec.or.th/micropir.  

Posted on 26 April 2012