Eleven Young Researchers from Asia-Pacific join 2012 HRD Program in Biotechnology


On 4 July 2012, the opening ceremony of Human Resource Development (HRD) Program in Biotechnology 2012 was held to welcome 11 researchers from Asia-Pacific region.  This year, young researchers come from Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Vietnam. Giving the opening remark at the event was Dr. Lily Eurwilaichitr, Director of Bioresources Technology Unit, followed by a series of lectures to familiarize researchers with the research subjects they will be conducting at BIOTEC.

“As human resource development is one of our mandates and the high priority placed on regional collaboration, BIOTEC has a long-term commitment to contribute our experts and research facility to achieve the anticipated outputs/outcome of this HRD Program” said Dr. Eurwilaichitr.

BIOTEC has been offering short-term training courses to young researchers to work and train in our laboratories since 2001. The Program aims to build up R&D capability especially in the area of biotechnology for developing countries as well as fostering research network among countries in this region.

Under this Program, the trainees will gain on-the-job and research-based training in the laboratories under the guidance of BIOTEC researchers. Besides gaining research experience, they will have an opportunity to gain knowledge in biotechnology and bioindustry development in Thailand through site visits to companies and other research institutes, as well as to learn about Thai customs and history through cultural visits.

Over 11 years of operation, 124 researchers have participated in BIOTEC’s HRD program. More than 30 researchers obtained scholarships to further their education abroad. Most are making progress in their research works and sharing their knowledge with other scientists in their home countries.  For more information about BIOTEC HRD program, please visit http://www.biotec.or.th/EN/index.php/international-collaboration/hrd-program


Posted on 5 July 2012