BIOTEC’s energy efficiency performance recognized at the Thailand Energy Awards 2012


On 9 August 2012, an official announcement of Thailand Energy Awards’ recipients was made by Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEDE) under the Ministry of Energy. BIOTEC is one of 21 recipients in the category of “Plants and buildings for energy efficiency improvement”, awarded to business and governmental operators that have demonstrated outstanding performance in energy management and conservation. This year, a total of 248 organizations participated and submitted their entries and only 56 passed all the criteria.

Recognizing energy crisis and significant of energy saving, BIOTEC established the Energy Management Working Group to take lead in roadmap formulation and implementation to address the energy challenges faced in the organization. Some new equipments and procedures have been introduced such as the installation of VSD (Variable Speed Drive) in cold water motor pump, chiller management system, pre-cooling system, turbo spray water cooler, and cooling pad installment, all of which can support energy saving and environmental protection. There were supporting campaigns for staff to reduce unnecessary electrical loss and number of hours used on equipments, to use eco-friendly office supplies and etc.

For safety and environmental issues, BIOTEC has implemented ISO 14001 as a guideline to improve environmental management system and ISO 18001 standard to define occupational health and safety management system. BIOTEC established a working group focusing on the implementation of those safety and environment policies through activities such as 5S management system and Big Cleaning Day.


Thailand Energy Awards was established in 2000 with aim to encourage energy conservation leadership in enterprises, to praise and applaud the organizations and people of excellence in energy efficiency and renewable energy, as well as to promote projects and technologies. The Awards are classified into five categories including “Renewable energy projects”, “Plants and buildings for energy efficiency improvement”, “Energy Innovations”, “Outstanding individual and the team performance in energy efficiency in plants and buildings”, and “Supporters for energy conservation”. Presented every year, Thailand Energy Awards are one of the most important environmental / energy related awards in Thailand.

Posted on 23 August 2012