ENZbleach wins gold medal at 2012 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart

ENZbleach, alkaline-tolerant enzyme for pulp bleaching process, an invention of BIOTEC research team led by Dr. Thidarat Nimchua, was awarded a gold medal at the 2012 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart (INST2012) held at the Taiwan World Trade Center Exhibition Hall in Taipei City on 20-23 September 2012.

In a conventional chemical bleaching process, a large scale of chemicals is used, releasing pollution into the environment and causing numerous harmful disturbances to ecosystem. The new biobleaching process using enzymes leads to a significant reduction of chlorine and chlorine-based compounds. The xylanase attacks hemicellulose and alters the interface between the cellulose and lignin, thereby facilitates the chemical extraction of lignin from pulp. For biobleaching applications, the candidate xylanase should be alkalophilic due to the high pH of the pulp. However, treatment of pulp with the commercial xylanases at present needs a pH adjustment of the incoming pulp from 9.0-10.0 to 5.0-8.0 for its optimal activity which leads to a rise in operational cost. To address this issue, ENZbleach has been developed and optimized for pulp biobleaching without the need of pH adjustment of the pulp, which will make the large-scale operations more simple and cost effective. Moreover, ENZbleach is a cellulase-free xylanase, thus does not destroy the structure of cellulose and diminish pulp quality.

DrThidarat2 enz05

Apart from ENZbleach, three other inventions from Thailand also won gold medals at INST2012.  They are “Bioremediation Agent Developed to Greenovation Products” by Hi-Grimm Environmental and Research Co. Ltd., “Eco Dental Unit” by Thai Dental International Co., Ltd. and “Humidity & Temperature Data Logger” by Sensor Builders Co. Ltd.


INST2012 was by far the biggest invention show with a total of 700 companies from 26 countries spanning over 1,079 booths. The event was estimated to attract 86,000 visitors and create trade opportunities worth NT$100 million.


Posted on 9 October 2012