BIOTEC and NITE, Japan extend MOU for 2012-2015

On 24 October 2012, an MOU signing ceremony (Phase III) between BIOTEC and the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) of Japan was held at BIOTEC, Thailand Science Park. Present at the signing ceremony were Prof. Itaru Yasui, NITE President and Dr. Kanyawim Kirtikara, BIOTEC Executive Director. The 3-year MOU aims to strengthen cooperation to promote the conservation and sustainable use of biological resources in Thailand and Japan.
mou nite-nbrc 24 oct2012
The collaboration between two organizations commenced under the first MOU in 2005 and expanded to the second phase in 2008.  The first and second phases was a success with the close collaboration between BIOTEC Culture Collection (BCC) and NITE Biological Resource Center (NBRC) through several joint research projects of taxonomy of specific bacteria, fungi, yeasts and their applications. More than 50 new species of microbes were discovered and at least 30 joint publications were produced through regular exchanges of scientists and close communication between research teams. 
For this third phase, exchange of microbial cultures between BCC and NBRC will continue to be implemented in compliance with the Nagoya Protocol. Due to the 2011 major flood in Thailand, research collaboration on microbial ecology has been initiated in this phase,  concentrating on the study of massive deposition of organic matters and toxic substances which potentially lead to remarkable alteration in microbial ecology system. In addition, BIOTEC and NITE will jointly develop a curator course to enhance culture collection management in the Asian region.

mou1 nite-nbrc 24 oct 2012

The National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) is one of the government-funded affiliates of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan, carrying out the governmental tasks based on its technological ability. The Biological Resource Center of NITE (NBRC) is operating one of the largest culture collections in the world and has been closely collaborating with BIOTEC Culture Collection (BCC) in the past 7 years for the conservation and sustainable use of microbial resources. The Center is also actively engaged in the genome analysis of microorganisms and the biosafety assessment of microorganisms, including genetically modified microorganisms, in industrial use. In addition to these leading activities in biotechnology, the institute is offering a vital contribution to the society in the fields of chemical management, accreditation, and consumer product safety.
Posted on 29 October 2012