Rice improvement through biotechnology project awarded “Excellence in Science” by the Senate

Rice improvement through biotechnology project was one of the 215 projects awarded “Excellence in Science”by the Committee on Committee on Science, Technology, Communications and Telecommunications of the Senate.  The certificate presentation ceremony, presided over by Mr. Nikom Wairatpanij, President of the Senate, was held on 5 November 2012 at the Parliament Building. “Excellence in Science” awards were presented to individuals, public organizations and private entities, for their scientific and innovative projects that create substantial social and economic impacts.

Rice improvement through biotechnology project is a long-term project conducted by Rice Gene Discovery Unit, a joint research unit between BIOTEC and Kasetsart University, in collaboration with partners such as the Rice Department and various universities.  Scientists use molecular biology as a tool improve important traits in rice, such as tolerance to unfavorable environmental conditions (drought, flood, salinity, etc.), resistance to pests and diseases, cooking quality and nutrition.  Examples of achievement include new improved rice varieties such as flash-flood tolerant Homcholasit rice, blast-resistant glutinous Thanyairin rice.

Through collaborations with local organizations, new improved rice varieties are distributed to farmers along with the transfer of rice seed production technology in various provinces such as Nan, Lampang, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Chaiyaphum, Sakon Nakhon and Nakhon Phanom.




Posted on 7 November 2012