BIOTEC launches a training course on “Curation and Management of Microbial Resources”

Recognizing the importance of microorganisms, especially those isolated from natural environments in Thailand, a training course on “Curation and Management of Microbial Resources was created in order to provide professional development for curators of culture collection in academic, research institutes, government agencies and industries as well as to promote the collaboration between the culture collections and strengthen human capacity of participating culture collections in Thailand. 

The Course covers comprehensive topics such as microbial identification and preservation; database management; as well as legal framework on microbial research and management.  The first Course was held on 14-17 January 2013 at BIOTEC, Thailand Science Park, with over 100 attendants. 

curator course

This “Curation and Management of Microbial Resources Course was a collaboration between BIOTEC, NITE Biological Resource Center (NBRC) of Japan and World Data Centre for Microorganisms (WDCM).  Instructors consisted of experts from Thailand, Japan and China.   With the success of this first course, the organizer is optimistic to deliver the training annually.

Posted on 18 January 2013