RD51: New certified rice variety developed from marker-assisted selection

RD51 became a new certified rice variety as announced by the Rice Department on 12 March 2013.

RD51 is a new version of KDML105, or jasmine rice. It is derived from a marker assisted backcrossing (MAB) using KDML105 as the recipient and IR49830 (submergence-tolerant rice from the International Rice Research Institute) as the donor. It was developed for flash flooding tolerance, while maintaining excellent cooking quality that the jasmine rice is well-known for.  RD51 has been tested in multiple locations and conditions before finally received variety certification from the Rice Department.

This new rice variety is part of a long-term collaborative project between NSTDA, through BIOTEC Rice Gene Discovery Unit, and the Rice Department to make an improvement on rice varieties suitable for rainfed lowland ecosystem and irrigated land.

certified rice

Posted on 15 March 2013