The 2013 Meeting of BIOTEC International Advisory Board

The 2013 Meeting of BIOTEC International Advisory Board (IAB) was held on 15-16 March 2013 at Chatrium Hotel Riverside, Bangkok. The meeting was attended by nine international experts in the field of biotechnology research, development, policy and management. Present at the meeting were Prof. Ken-ichi Arai (JAPAN), Prof. Lene Lange (DENMARK), Dr. Martin Keller (USA), Prof. Gerald T. Keusch (USA), Prof. Roger N. Beachy (USA), Tan Sri Datuk Dr. Ahmad Zaharudin Idrus (MALAYSIA), Prof. Jia-Yang Li (CHINA), Prof. Jens Nielsen (SWEDEN) and Prof. Sang-Ki Rhee (KOREA).
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The theme of 2013 meeting is the new initiative of three new multidisciplinary laboratories to serve industrial clients, namely Food and Feed Innovation Center, Thailand Bioresource Research Center and Integrative Biorefinery Laboratory, to be opened in the middle of this year at the Thailand Science Park. In addition to inputs given to the new initiative, board members also shared their experience on issues related to a research institute management. 
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BIOTEC established International Advisory Board in 2005 to enable BIOTEC to better meet the constant challenges posed by globalization and the emergence of new technologies. Current BIOTEC International Advisory Board, serving October 2012- October 2014, consists of ten internationally-recognized experts from reputable organizations, with diverse backgrounds in biotechnology. The Board meets annually to review the performance and progress of BIOTEC and provide recommendations on particular topics presented each year.
Posted on 18 March 2013