BIOTEC-NSTDA and KEEEN join hands to develop mobile microbial reactor for on-site bioremediation

 BIOTEC-NSTDA and KEEEN Limited (previously known as Hi-Grimm Environmental and Research Co., Ltd.) announced a new collaborative project to develop a small-scale mobile microbial reactor for on-site bioremediation. This reactor will allow an on-site production of microorganism used in the treatment of oil-contaminated wastewater. It will eliminate the cost of packaging and transportation of bioremediation agents, making it suitable for industrial sites that need to regularly manage oil-contaminated wastewater in high volume.
In this project, the research team aims to develop a 100-L reactor equipped with automatic aerator as well as a suitable culture medium to produce oil-degrading microorganisms used for treating high-oil-content wastewater. Collaboration with an industrial partner such as KEEEN will facilitate the field test of this unit. This project is expected to take 18 months, from May 2013 – October 2014.
This project is a result of the previous BIOTEC-KEEEN collaboration to screen for local oil-degrading bacteria and develop into a commercial bioremediation product. KEEEN successfully launched bioremediation products in 2010, with products and services for various industries such as petrochemical industry, automobile industry, food industry, hotels and hospitals.
Posted on 28 May 2013