Visit of the newly-appointed S&T Minister

On 9 August 2013, NSTDA welcomed the visit of Dr. Peerapan Palusuk, who took up the office as Minister of Science and Technology on 30 June 2013. Various research achievements were showcased, which include several commercial products as well as technologies that have already been used in the public. Among BIOTEC highlights were: the development of new antimalarial drug, phytoremediation technology for saline land, diagnostic tests kits for shrimp and plant diseases, biocontrol agent, bioremediation product, portable dissolved oxygen test kit, new improved rice varieties, and examples of biotechnology as a solution provider to food industry.
BIOTEC also had an opportunity to give a tour to BIOTEC research facilities; BIOTEC Culture Collection and Protein-Ligand Engineering and Molecular Biology Laboratory. The facility of Culture Collection is to provide a professional deposit of microorganisms and service cultures to clients both in and outside Thailand. To expand the scope, BIOTEC will establish Thailand Bioresource Research Center (TBRC) to service assortment of biological materials (microorganisms, plasmid DNA, animal cell lines, hybridoma clones, antibodies and plant cells and tissues) in response to the growing demand of industrial clients. The tour also highlighted on advanced technology and major equipment that BIOTEC had invested in order to support such cutting-edge research as drug design and development which is the focus of Protein-Ligand Engineering and Molecular Biology Laboratory.
Visit of ST Minister 
Posted on 15 August 2013.