Starter culture to maintain the quality of pickled mustard greens

Presently inconsistency of flavor and color of pickled mustard greens is one of the vital problems faced by fermented vegetable manufacturers. The prime cause is conventional production which depends on naturally-existing unidentified microorganisms and sometimes results in the incomplete fermentation process and also decrease of product safety.

To solve this problem, BIOTEC’s Food Biotechnology Research Unit and Peace Canning Co., Ltd. joined hands to develop starter culture for industrial production of pickled mustard greens, the flagship product of the company. According to the study, it indicated that Lactobacillus plantarum BCC 42547, the effective lactic acid bacteria (LAB), can be efficiently used as the starter. The most suitable level at 106 cfu/ml was tested in a large-scale fermentation of 4,500 kilograms of mustard greens in a cement tank. The use of the starter culture provided quality consistency both flavor and color with 1% acidity and pH 3.3 including product safety development as well as reduced losses from sub-standard products. Savings resulting from this technology in 2013 were estimated to be 3.05 million Baht.

Mustard Green

This technology has been licensed to Peace Canning Co., Ltd. and the product has been commercially produced in July 2013.

Posted on 9 July 2014