BIOTEC inventions featured in IP Innovation and Technology Expo (IPITEx. 2014)

The 1st IP Innovation and Technology Expo (IPITEx. 2014) was held during 18-20 July 2014 at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC). The event comprised latest R&D innovation exhibition, symposium, workshop, investment pitching, business matching and also business consulting. BIOTEC inventions were displayed in several sectors as follows:
Healthcare Products
  • Serotyping-NS1 ELISA for detection of dengue NS1 protein and serotyping of dengue virus simultaneously
Energy for Environment
  • Wastewater Treatment System for Biogas Production
Food and Agriculture
  • Monoclonal antibody for quantitative measurement of progesterone levels in serum and milk of dairy cattle
  • Antibodies and diagnostic assay for detection of plant viruses and bacteria
  • Immunochromatographic strip test for detection ofAcidovorax avenae subsp. Citrulli, a causative bacterium of fruit blotch disease in cucurbits
  •  Immunochromatographic strip test for simultaneous detection of three diseases in cucurbits
  • A multiplex RT-PCR-ELISA system for tospovirus species identification using universal primers and species specific probes
  • Detection system for Listeria monocytogenes in food samples using immunomagnetic separation in combination with RT-PCR 
  • Detection test for White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) by loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP)
In addition ENZease: a duo-activity enzyme for one-step biodesizing and bioscouring process of cotton fabrics, was selected as one of NSTDA research highlights to enter the investment pitching competition.
IPITEx. 2014 is a public event to introduce innovative and value-adding products and services for potential commercial and industrial investors. It aims to enhance Thailand's commercial competitiveness, and to promote the use of Thai IP for economic growth and sustainable development for the nation. The event is co-organized by the Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Science and Technology, the Federation of Thai Industries, the Thai Chambers of Commerce and Board of Trade of Thailand, the Thai Banker' Association and Thailand Research Organizations Network.
Posted on 22 July 2014