Thai-Fungi: a new app for a reference guide of fungi found in Thailand

There are about 700 species of invertebrate-pathogenic fungi worldwide. Before 1989 less than ten ‘insect fungi’ were reported from Thailand. Most of these were species were those that could be commonly found around the globe as pathogens of insects in agricultural ecosystems -Beauveria bassianaand Metarhizium anisopliaewhich infect a wide range of invertebrate hosts. After two decades of forest survey and collecting there are now ca. 400 species reported from natural forest in Thailand – more than any other countries in the world. Every year, new species are being discovered and description of these fungi is a continuing process with many new species having been reported.

Thai-Fungi is a mobile application compiling a checklist of invertebrate-pathogenic fungi found in Thailand. The app is designed for users to be used as a reference guide giving detailed information on each fungal species and a gallery of high quality photos. Its highlight features include:

- 107 species of Thai fungi, listed by A to Z
- Search and Browse list to locate the fungal species to find or share its information. New species can be added into the list.
- Easily record the fungal observation.  Using smartphone’s camera and GPS make it simple to take the photos and to get the precise location.
- Access the latest scientific news from Thai2BIO’s RSS feed
- View and post comments via Thai2BIO’s Facebook (
App Thai Fungi 1App Thai Fungi 2

Thai-Fungi app has been developed by Microbe Interaction Laboratory and Information Systems Laboratory from Bioresources Technology Research Unit.

The app enables on both iOS (Pro version) or (Lite version) and android or (Lite version) platforms.


Posted on 8 January 2015