Thailand-China Silk Road Cooperation

BIOTEC and the Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IMCAS) jointly organized Seminar on Thailand-China Silk Road Cooperation on 19 May 2015, with 70 participants from research and academic organizations in Thailand. The seminar introduced the Chinese research and management of microorganisms and provided an opportunity for Thai and Chinese researchers to explore collaboration. Chinese delegation was led by Prof. Shuang-Jiang Liu, Director-General of IMCAS.  Topics of presentation included the CAS international cooperation, cooperation on microorganisms, China General Microbiology Culture Collection (CGMCC), WDCM global collaboration and yeast research.

Thailand-China Silk Road Cooperation

On this occasion, BIOTEC entered into an MOU with IMCAS to promote research and capacity building in microbiology, especially on culture collection management, yeast, lactic bacteria, fungi and big data management of microorganisms.


 Posted on 22 May 2015