Onsite Microbial Reactor Innovation

BIOTEC and KEEEN Limited revealed the latest joint innovation “Onsite Microbial Reactor: OMR” at the press conference on 16 March 2016 at KEEEN Innovation Center in Bangkok.




OMR was conceptualized in 2013 to allow an on-site production of microorganism used in the treatment of oil-contaminated wastewater. It will eliminate the cost of packaging and transportation of bioremediation agents, making it suitable for industrial sites that need to regularly manage oil-contaminated wastewater. The 10-L reactor is equipped with automatic aerator as well as a suitable culture medium to produce oil-degrading microorganisms within 24 hours. OMR has been tested in several factories, and the effluent from the factories has met the discharge requirements.




Posted on 20 March 2016