Thailand – China Joint Seminar on Mushroom Research

China has a long history of thousand years in using fungi that grows naturally to be a compound of food and medicines. The mushroom cultivation in China has been developed alongside with the advancement in science and technology. While Thailand has a rich level of fungal biodiversity. There are several types of edible wild mushrooms found in Thailand. These mushrooms have not only unique and subtle flavor, but also high valuables and potential medicinal benefits.

BIOTEC/NSTDA with the support from Ministry of Science and Technology of Thailand, organized the Joint Seminar on Science and Technology on Mushroom on 2 August 2016 at the Sukosol Bangkok Hotel, Thailand. The Seminar offered insight into the current knowledge and perspective in mushroom research in Thailand and China as well as a floor to promote collaborations and strengthen the networking among participants. It was well received with more than 100 attendants from Thai government agencies, universities and research institutes.


Apart from the Seminar, all Chinese experts had opportunities to visit to the working field of research and development on mushroom at King Mungkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Ratchaburi Campus and a farmer group in Ayutthaya province. There was not only a discussion on research work, but Thai researchers and farmers also gained hands-on suggestion and broaden their industrial perspective through Chinese experts.



Posted on 18 August 2016.