Collaborative MOU on RAS between BIOTEC, Premier Products Public Company Limited and Farm Story Company Limited

On 2 September 2016, an MOU signing ceremony between NSTDA by BIOTEC, Premier Products Public Co., Ltd. and Farm Story Co., Ltd., was held at P. Charoen Farm Co., Ltd., Chachoensao, with the aim to collaborate on research and development of water tank for the Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) in tilapia larvae industry.

DSC 3244

The collaboration will expand the use of RAS by developing a small scale tank for waste water treatment in the tilapia larvae farm in order to test the efficiency of system. With this system, it can be further expanded not only to the tilapia farm but also to the high intensity farm.


The RAS is a closed recirculating aquaculture system integrated with the hybrid nitrification biofilter tanks for ammonia removal and patented Tubular Denitrification Reactor (TDNR) for nitrate removal. This system is a promising and eco-friendly technology for the sustainable aquaculture by prolonging water exchange for a year or more as well as reduce the expresses of chemical preparation and also prevent aquatic animal farming from infectious diseases transmitted in the water.

The Premier Products Public Co., Ltd. is a leading company in producing tanks and waste water tanks. While the Farm Story Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of P. Charoen Farm, specializes in tilapia farming and consultation on fish farming.


Posted on 8 September 2016.