BIOTEC and DMF (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Signed a Licensing Agreement

On June 15, 2018, BIOTEC and DMF (Thailand) Co., Ltd. signed a licensing agreement on Production of Antimicrobial Agent from Egg White Protein. Representing BIOTEC and DMF (Thailand) were Dr. Somvong Tragoonrung, Executive Director of BIOTEC and Dr. Fabien De Meester, respectively.  


Lysozyme is an enzyme capable of breaking down the bacteria cell wall and is typically used as food preservatives. However, egg white lysozyme is most effective against gram-positive bacteria. BIOTEC researchers have developed eLysozymeTM produced from egg white lysozyme. eLysozymeTM is used against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacterial pathogens involved in food spoilage which is different from regular egg white lysozyme which is mainly effective against Gram-positive bacteria only. eLysozymeTM (eLYST-T1) is suitable to be used as food preservatives.

BIOTEC and DMF (Thailand) have been working together since 2012, focusing on the development of food and feed industry through utilization of science and technology. DMF (Thailand) is known for their expertise in designing functional and sensorial egg fractions.  The research not only adds value to the egg product but also reduces the economic loss of food and feed industry. This collaborative effort fulfills one of BIOTEC’s mission which is to translate our research work into real-world-application.


Posted on 6 July 2018.