BIOTEC Works Showcased at Thai Tech Expo 2018

Thai Tech Expo 2018 was held by the Ministry of Science and Technology during 4-8 July at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (BITEC). The event showcased the latest development in technologies and innovations. The event featured satellite events such as “Thailand Tech Show 2018”, consisted of “Tech show” and “NSTDA Investors’ Day” in which BIOTEC inventions were exhibited.


BIOTEC showcased the “National Biobank”, an infrastructure for preserving biological resources which include plants, seeds and microbe for use in research. National Biobank is linking to Digital Biobank which comprises digital cell bank, digital seed bank, digital gene bank, human genome.


With more than 299 latest development from NSTDA, its partners and universities showcased, “Thailand Tech Show 2018” served as a one-stop technology market for entrepreneurs. The  exhibition aims to translate the &\R&D works into real-world impact. Activities included exhibition, research presentation, business matching and special seminar on the latest technologies to watch.  BIOTEC works showcased included “BlueAmp: Rapid test for streptococcosis in Nile tilapia”, “Cassava starch-based hydrogel as a superdisintegrant in drug tablets”, “DEN-STEP: Detection of dengue NS1 protein and serotyping of dengue virus simultaneously”, “VIP-Safe Plus: LAMP-electrochemical sensor for detection of foodborne pathogens”.


One of the highlights of the event is NSTDA Investors’ Day: Investment Pitching Session in which the researchers pitched their works to prospective investors. BIOTEC’s work “Dream Derma” won “The Best Presentation” and “The Most Promising Product” Awards.


“Dream Derma” by Dr. Srung Smanmoo, a researcher from Bio-Organic Chemistry Laboratory, researcher is a multi-layered microcapsule innovation which contains biopolymer, compatible with human’s tissues and able to maintain and control the natural extract simulated the epidermal growth factor’s action. The epidermal growth factor has the ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production, which help reduce wrinkles and increase the speed of tissue regeneration from the wound. The epidermal growth factor which is encapsulated in the microcapsule can extend the duration of the photo-growth factor release, reduce allergy and improve the absorption.

Other works by BIOTEC researchers pitched at the pitching session included:

“P lignin care” by Dr. Jackapon Sunthornvarabhas, Researcher from Cassava and Starch Technology Research Laboratory, is an antimicrobial extract from agricultural by-product. The extract, lignin, is a natural polymer that can be found in all kinds of plants. Lignin has the ability to inhibit the growth and destroy bacteria and fungus that cause Dermatitis, respiratory tract disease, and digestive tract disease. It can be used in antimicrobial products such as hygienic masks etc.


“VipPro” by Dr. Boonhiang Promdonkoy, Researcher from Biocontrol Laboratory, is a safe and effective bio-insecticide. “VipPro” poses no threat to the health of human, and animals and the environment. It can be used with other bio-insecticide such as NVP, Beauveria bassiana, and Cry Toxins. Field tests showed that VipPro is able to control pests effectively as much as the use of chemicals.



Posted on 6 August 2018.