BIOTEC Researcher Awarded Silver Medal at The 10th International Exhibition of Inventions (IEI 2018), China

Lignin, a natural polymer is found in agricultural by-product such as sugarcane bagasse, palm husk, coconut coir and cassava root.  Instead of using these by-product as fuel, fertilizer and animal feed, it can be processed to acquire lignin and applied in various applications due to its unique chemical characteristics; antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-ultraviolet.  Natural antimicrobial agent gains significant attention in recent years especially in Asia due to its large biodiversity.  Recent reports acknowledged disadvantages of metal-based antimicrobial agent regarding environment impact thus shift attention of the industry to find an alternative.  Each year, large amount of sugarcane bagasse was generated from sugar process, it was originally used as fuel to produce electricity to power equipment in the factory and excess was transfer to the grid which generate additional income.  However, recent government mandate decline purchasing of excess electricity within 5 years according to an interview with Mr.Kitti Chunhawong, president of Thailand Society of Sugar Cane Technologies, and the authorized survey results demonstrated that certain factories could not fully utilize bagasse. The team of researcher spot this as a promising source of ideas for new business based on the concept of utilizing by-products for sugar producer because these by-product are considered as waste and only allowed transportation within 5 km radius of the factory according to regulation from Department of Energy.


Dr. Jakapon Sunthornvarabhas, Researcher from Cassava and Starch Technology Research Lab led the team of researchers from National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC) in collaboration with Kasetsart University, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi to investigate potential application of bagasse lignin. The project was supported by Mitr Phol Group. A technology platform for lignin extraction that emphasize on environmental impact and simplicity of operation in order to obtain a non-patent infringed technology capable of commercialization as well as utilize simple processing equipment to facilitate technology transfer and scale up was demonstrated at The 10th International Exhibition of Inventions (IEI 2018) China, Foshan province during 11-16 September 2018 by the name “P Lignin Care”.  The work was awarded silver medal and certificate from China Association of Inventions, an organizing committee, and received certificate of appreciation from Indian Innovators Association, who attended the exhibition and appreciated research and development on by-product of sugar process.

Jakapon award2

IEI 2018 and the 3rd World Invention and Innovation Forum (WIIF 2018) was held under the theme of “Innovations Make Dreams Come True, Innovation Leads the Trends for Tomorrow”. The event featured the latest development in artificial intelligence, civil military integration, new technologies and new products in the fields of environment and energy.

More than thousands invention and innovation projects were exhibited.


Posted on 22 October 2018.