BIOTEC Visiting Professor – Dr. David Matthews

davidm_2The Protein-Ligand Engineering research group of BIOTEC, which is one of the important research team with accomplishments in discovery research for new antimalarials especially drugs in the antifolate family, has been collaborating extensively over long periods with overseas experts, especially Dr. David Matthews, an expert on biomolecular structures and drug discovery, with grants from such agencies as Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV). A number of new potential antifolate antimalarials have been discovered and developed from this collaboration. To further strengthen the collaboration, Dr. David Matthews was invited to BIOTEC as a Visiting Professor from 18 August to 13 September, 2011.

During his one-month visit, his friendly attitude and the number of valuable advice have helped Thai scientific community not just finding scientific solutions but also inspiration in their work as well. Two public seminars were given by Dr. Matthews with the focus on examples of using x-ray structure to help inform medicinal chemistry leading to clinical candidates for an antiviral and antimalarial drug. Each lecture was well attended by 50 participants from BIOTEC, NSTDA and other organizations such as AFRIMS, Chulalongkorn University, Mahidol University and Kasetsart University.


Dr. Matthews who received his PhD in chemistry from the University of Illinois in 1971, was the scientific founder of Agouron. Pharmaceutical Inc. which was merged with Warner-Lambert and subsequently purchased by Pfizer in 2000. Dr. Matthews retired from the company in 2005 but still actively working as an Expert Scientific Advisory Committee and a consultant on several individual MMV drug discovery projects.


Posted on 15 September 2011