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As a member of NSTDA, BIOTEC shares its vision to be a key partner in developing Thailand into a knowledge-based society through science and technology. In addition to conducting research, strong emphasis is placed on promoting industrial applications of biotechnology by both local and global companies. The following activities are examples of ways which the Center collaborates with various organizations: 

Technology Licensing

BIOTEC works closely with Technology Licensing Office of NSTDA Technology Management Center to facilitate commercialization of its research discoveries. Patents, petty patents, copyrights, or know-how are licensed to public or private agencies for commercial uses as well as economic and societal improvement projects. 

Joint and Contract Research and Development

BIOTEC is interested in both short-term and long-term issues facing the industry. Partnerships with other organizations are strongly encouraged in order to pursue studies of common interests.

Business Development

BIOTEC facilitates development of new biotechnology enterprises in various forms, such as establishment of pilot-scale development units for novel technologies, spinning-off of biotechnology companies from BIOTEC research, and support for bioentrepreneurs. 

Consulting and Technical Services

One of NSTDA recent goals is to be Thailand’s science and technology solution provider. With close to forty laboratories investigating different fields related to biotechnology, BIOTEC is well equipped to respond to a wide range of technical matters that arise in the industry.  In addition, some of our laboratories provide technical services such as enzyme screening services, bioactive compound screening services, culture collection services human, animal, plant, and food-borne pathogens detection via antibodies, genome sequencing services, etc. 

For more information, please contact:

Biotechnology Business Development Division
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