Thailand Science Park (TSP), where BIOTEC main campus is located, is a government initiative to facilitate research and development of science and technology by the private sector. As the first science park in the country, it has dual objectives of incubating technology-based start-up companies as well as encouraging established local and international companies to invest in research and development in Thailand. TSP has been managed by NSTDA since its commencement in 2002. It is strategically located on 80 acres of land in Pathum Thani province, an industrial area on the suburban edge of Bangkok.


Fully-Integrated R&D Environment

Since NSTDA, along with four national research centers are located in TSP, private tenants can conveniently share expertise, information, equipments and facilities with these research institutions. Also located at TSP are Science and Technology Knowledge Services (STKS) - a provider of on-line information services and databases – and Technology Management Center (TMC) of NSTDA. In addition, TSP is ideally situated next to Thammasat University (TU) and Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) , which can be counted to continually provide highly-skilled workers.

Attractive R&D Incentives

Various financial incentives are available to companies that engage in R&D, including soft loans, tax incentives, import duty relief on equipments, and facilitation of overseas currency remittances. Non-financial incentives such as relaxed limitations on foreign ownership and alien employment, and government support in establishing contacts with local suppliers and joint venture partners are also available.

Comprehensive Facilities and Services

TSP professional management provides competitive rentals and business services including information, consulting and technical assistance. The Park features high - speed telecommunications with access to well-equipped laboratories, technicians and researchers. Multi-tenant buildings, green house, convention center and pilot plants are among the supporting facilities available at TSP. In addition, TSP offers land for long-term lease. Betagro Group, a leader in integrated agricultural business in Thailand, was one of the first private companies to take out a land lease and develop the Betagro Science Center at the Thailand Science Park.

Here are some of the biotechnology and life science companies located at the TSP campus:

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