Thailand's Shocking Pink Dragon Millipede made IISE TOP 10 New Species Listing

Shocking Pink Dragon Millipede discovered in Thailand by a Thai exploration team led by Dr. Somsak Panha of Chulalongkorn University was among TOP 10 New Species Listing announced by The International Institute for Species Exploration (IISE) on 23 May 2008. According to the announcement on IISE's website, shocking pink dragon millipede made the List because "Millipedes (relatives of centipedes) are highly variable in appearance and coloration, but this shocking pink stands apart." This species was first described in Zootaxa 1563: 31-36.

Dr. Somsak Panha's exploration was funded by the Biodiversity Research and Training Program (BRT) under the BRT-Millipede-Earthworm Project. BRT program was founded and sponsored by BIOTEC and Thailand Research Fund.






Posted on 27 May 2008.