The Waste Utilization and Management Laboratory was established under a cooperative program between BIOTEC and King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT). It was originally set up in 1986 as a biogas research and development laboratory. The Laboratory has particularly strong expertise in wastewater treatment with over 20 years of research and application experience, with an emphasis on high-rate anaerobic digestion systems to develop technology to gain deeper insight into the fundamental aspects of waste treatment systems. The Laboratory is also active in the area of optimizing the use of resources, particularly water, and energy in agro-industry and thus is able to provide a range of services.  

Research Scope

  • Microbiological and Biochemical Group. The group conducts R&D on basic knowledge of the microbiological and biochemical mechanisms of anaerobic digestion.  The group has further developed novel microbial techniques to quantify and qualify microorganisms in the anaerobic digestion process, as well as studying the interrelationship between different groups of anaerobic microorganisms.
  • Reactor and Process Development. This work concentrates on the optimization of the start-up period and the improvement in treatment efficiency for biogas reactors along with biogas purification.
  • Computational Aids and Process Optimization. The group conducts R&D on mathematical models to predict biochemical pathways and hydrodynamic mechanisms in a biogas reactor to control its treatment efficiency. The group further develops on-line measurement systems for control of the biogas reactor.
  • Environmental Engineering Research and Zero Waste Technology. This work includes studying the feasibility  of biogas technology transfer to industry, as well as a water and energy audits for increasing efficiency and optimizing the utilization of natural resources, water, and energy in the tapioca starch industry to a near-zero discharge starch factory, with the aim of determining the capacity and limitations of production. 


  • Design, construction, as well as providing technical services on anaerobic technology for waste treatment and biogas production as alternative energy in agro-industries such as cassava starch, rice flour, oil palm and dried fruit factories. Two types of reactors are now available: anaerobic fixed film reactor and hybrid reactor.
  • Near-zero waste model of cassava starch industry.
  • Guidelines for increasing energy and resource efficiency in cassava starch industry and practical training module for factory managers and operators.
  • Development of a bioremediation agent, a blend of synergistic bacteria, which has already been licensed to industry.

Major Equipment and Facilities

  • Pilot plant for wastewater treatment and biogas production using upflow anaerobic sludge bed (UASB) technology.
  • Pilot plant for wastewater treatment and biogas production using the anaerobic fixed film system.


Dr. Annop Nophraratana

Contact Address

Waste Utilization and Management Laboratory
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Bangkok 10150 Thailand
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